About Quran For Free

The word " Quran" comes from the Arabic word "قرأ" (Qara'a) which means to read or recite. Quran means "something which is recited".

Quran For Free Foundation is a Not For Profit Organisation based in Kuwait, which aims to spread awareness about the religion of Islam by educating Not Yet Muslims who wish to learn more about the faith that Muslims adhere as a way of life.

Quran For Free Foundation is willing to send a translated copy of the Quran for anyone any where around the world who is willing to explore the book that Muslims believe it was revealed to the Prophet Mohammed PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him) more than 1400 years ago, and also believe it had remained intact till this present day. By that QFFF hopes to educate as many people as they can about the faith and try to answer any questions or misconceptions that they may have.



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